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Premier Roseville Auto Tinting Company

Our team of highly-skilled technicians in Roseville specializes in auto window tinting, boat window tinting, and windshield chip repairs, ready to meet the unique needs of your vehicle and marine tinting projects.

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A+ Window Tinting, your premier destination for professional truck window tinting services in Roseville. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as the leading truck tint shop in the region. Our skilled technicians use only the highest quality materials to ensure your truck not only looks its best but also benefits from the enhanced protection and comfort that our tints provide.

Benefits of Truck Window Tinting

Truck window tinting provides a multitude of benefits, essential for both the protection and enhancement of your vehicle. At A+ Window Tinting in Roseville, we specialize in high-quality tinting services that offer the following advantages:

Enhanced UV Protection

  • Blocks Harmful Rays: Window tint can filter out up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, safeguarding passengers from potential skin damage.
  • Preserves Interior: By blocking UV light, tinting helps prevent the fading and deterioration of upholstery, dashboards, and other interior components.

Improved Climate Control

  • Reduces Heat Build-up: Tinting significantly lowers the temperature inside the truck by blocking solar heat, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment.
  • Saves Energy: Less heat inside the truck means less use of air conditioning, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Glare Reduction

  • Enhances Visibility: Tinting reduces the glare from the sun and headlights, which can improve driver comfort and decrease the risk of eye strain and fatigue.
  • Increases Safety: Improved visibility can lead to safer driving conditions, especially during bright days or at night.

Privacy and Security

  • Increases Privacy: Tinted windows prevent outsiders from easily seeing into the vehicle, protecting the privacy of occupants and the contents inside the truck.
  • Deters Theft: By making it more difficult to see inside, window tint can also deter potential thieves, adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Improves Appearance: Window tinting gives trucks a sleek, polished look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.
  • Customizable Options: With a range of shades and finishes available, truck owners can customize the look to match their personal style or branding requirements.

In Roseville, where temperatures can soar, the benefits of truck window tinting extend beyond just aesthetics and privacy. It's an investment in your comfort, safety, and the longevity of your vehicle's interior. A+ Window Tinting delivers professional services that ensure your truck is equipped with high-quality tinting, tailored to meet the unique demands of your lifestyle and local climate.

Average Cost For Truck Window Tint in Roseville

The cost of truck window tinting in Roseville is influenced by various factors, making it important to consider these elements when budgeting for your window tinting project. At A+ Window Tinting, we ensure you understand all aspects that affect the pricing, providing a service that meets your needs and expectations. Here are the key factors that determine the cost of tinting your truck:

Truck Size and Model:

  • The size of your truck significantly impacts the cost. Larger trucks have more window area to cover, which requires more material and labor.
  • Different models may also have varying window shapes and sizes, influencing the complexity and time needed for the tinting process.

Type of Tint Material:

  • The selection of tint material can vary the cost. Options include dyed, metallic, ceramic, and carbon films, each with different price points due to their unique benefits and quality levels.
  • Premium materials like ceramic and carbon offer enhanced features such as better UV protection and heat reduction, which can affect the overall cost.

Complexity of Installation:

  • The complexity of the window shapes and the accessibility of the windows can impact the installation time and cost.
  • Trucks with more complex window designs or hard-to-reach areas may require more meticulous labor, affecting the price.

Legal Compliance and Tint Percentages:

  • Local regulations in Roseville regarding tint darkness (measured in VLT% - Visible Light Transmission) can influence your choices and potentially the cost.
  • Ensuring that your truck’s window tint complies with Roseville’s legal standards might affect the selection of materials and the overall cost.

While it's challenging to pinpoint an exact cost without considering these variables, A+ Window Tinting offers competitive pricing tailored to your specific truck and requirements. We encourage a consultation to discuss your needs and provide a detailed estimate based on the factors mentioned. Our goal is to offer transparent and fair pricing while ensuring the highest quality of service and materials for your truck window tinting in Roseville

Types of Truck Window Tint

At A+ Window Tinting in Roseville, we provide a comprehensive range of window tint options, each designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Selecting the appropriate tint type for your truck involves understanding the various materials and their benefits:

Dyed Window Tint:

  • Offers an economical solution with a non-reflective finish, reducing glare and heat.
  • Provides privacy and UV protection but may have a shorter lifespan compared to other materials.

Metallic Film:

  • Contains metal particles to reflect sunlight, significantly reducing heat and UV rays inside the truck.
  • Offers a shiny appearance from the outside and has excellent durability.

Ceramic Tint:

  • Utilizes ceramic particles to provide superior heat rejection and UV protection without the metallic film's reflectivity.
  • Ensures maximum efficiency and is fade-resistant, maintaining its color and effectiveness over time.

Carbon Film:

  • Made from carbon particles, this tint type offers good heat reduction and doesn't fade like dyed tints.
  • Provides a matte-finish look, enhancing the aesthetic of your truck while protecting the interior.

Each tint type has distinct advantages, from cost-effectiveness to superior heat and UV protection. Our team at A+ Window Tinting will guide you through the options, helping you select the best tint material for your truck based on performance, appearance, and budget considerations in Roseville.

Different Truck Window Tint Percentages

The tint percentage on your truck's windows is crucial for balancing aesthetics, privacy, heat reduction, and visibility. At A+ Window Tinting, we offer a spectrum of tint percentages, each catering to different requirements:

5% Tint (Limo Tint)


  • Maximum Privacy: Offers the highest level of privacy, preventing outsiders from seeing into the vehicle.
  • Superior Heat Reduction: Blocks a significant amount of solar heat, keeping the truck’s interior cooler.
  • UV Protection: Provides excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.


  • Reduced Visibility: Makes it difficult to see outside, especially in low-light conditions, which could affect driving safety.
  • Legal Limitations: May not be compliant with Roseville’s window tint laws for front side windows.

20% Tint


  • Enhanced Privacy: Less intense than limo tint but still provides significant privacy.
  • Good Heat Control: Offers a balance between visibility and heat rejection.
  • Better Nighttime Visibility: Easier to see through than limo tint in darker conditions.


  • Moderate Visibility Reduction: While better than 5% tint, it can still impair visibility, particularly at night or in poor weather conditions.
  • Legal Considerations: Must be checked against local laws to ensure compliance, especially on front windows.

35% Tint


  • Balanced Approach: Offers a middle ground between privacy and visibility, making it a popular choice.
  • Reduced Glare and Heat: Helps in cutting down the glare and heat without heavily darkening the interior.
  • Widely Legal: Often meets the legal tinting requirements for side and rear windows in Roseville.


  • Less Privacy: Not as private as darker tints, which may be a concern for some users.
  • Moderate Heat Reduction: Less effective at heat control compared to darker tints.

50% Tint


  • Natural Visibility: Provides a clear view from both inside and outside, maintaining the truck’s natural appearance.
  • Effective UV and Glare Reduction: Offers protection against UV rays and reduces sun glare, enhancing driving comfort.
  • High Legal Compliance: Likely to comply with tinting regulations in most regions, including Roseville.


  • Minimal Privacy Enhancement: Offers the least privacy, which may not be suitable for those seeking to significantly obscure the view into their vehicle.
  • Limited Heat Reduction: While it reduces some heat, it’s less effective than darker tints.

At A+ Window Tinting, we guide you through the selection process, considering your privacy needs, aesthetic preferences, legal compliance, and the specific climate conditions in Roseville. Our goal is to provide you with a tinting solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Truck Tint Installation Process

Our truck tint installation process at A+ Window Tinting in Roseville is meticulous and designed to ensure the highest quality results:

1. Window Cleaning:

  • We start with a thorough cleaning to remove all dirt and debris, ensuring a clean surface for the tint application.

2. Film Measurement and Cutting:

  • Precise measurements of your truck's windows are taken, and the tint film is cut to fit perfectly, minimizing waste and ensuring accuracy.

3. Application:

  • The cut tint film is carefully applied to the windows, using techniques that eliminate air bubbles and wrinkles for a smooth, flawless finish.

4. Curing and Inspection:

  • Once applied, the film needs time to cure, adhering securely to the window. Our team conducts a final inspection to ensure the tint meets our high standards and your satisfaction.

This process not only enhances the look of your truck but also ensures long-lasting durability and performance of the tint. At A+ Window Tinting, we pride ourselves on providing professional and efficient tint installation services in Roseville, guaranteeing satisfaction and superior results for every client.

Types of Trucks We Tint

At A+ Window Tinting in Roseville, we offer comprehensive tinting services for a wide range of trucks. Our expertise covers various types and sizes of trucks, ensuring a perfect tint application that meets your specific needs. Here's a more detailed look at the types of trucks we tint:

Pickup Truck Tinting

  • Small to Mid-Size Pickups:
    • Ideal for personal use and light commercial activities.
    • Examples include the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Colorado.
  • Full-Size Pickups:
    • Commonly used for heavier commercial tasks and personal use.
    • Models like the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado fall into this category.

Commercial Truck Tinting

  • Cargo Vans and Box Trucks:
    • Used for business deliveries and transport.
    • Includes vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and box trucks of various sizes.
  • Heavy-Duty Trucks:
    • For industrial and construction use, capable of handling large loads.
    • Examples include the Ford F-Series Super Duty, Ram 2500/3500, and Chevrolet Silverado HD.

Specialized Truck Tinting

  • Utility Trucks:
    • Often used by public service departments and construction companies.
    • Includes bucket trucks, cherry pickers, and utility service trucks.
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Motorhomes:
    • Require custom tinting solutions due to unique window sizes and shapes.

Custom and Classic Truck Tinting

  • Restored or Modified Trucks:
    • Custom tinting to enhance aesthetic appeal and protect interior restoration efforts.
    • Tailored solutions for classic trucks, preserving their vintage look while adding modern protection.

At A+ Window Tinting, we understand the nuances of tinting different types of trucks. Our experienced technicians use precision techniques and high-quality materials to ensure optimal results, regardless of your truck’s make, model, or purpose. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that enhances the functionality and appearance of your vehicle, with attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need tinting for privacy, protection against the sun, or to improve your truck’s aesthetic, we have the expertise to deliver superior results in Roseville.

Roseville's Top Truck Window Tinting Services

Choose A+ Window Tinting for top-notch truck window tinting services in Roseville. We pride ourselves on delivering superior quality, exceptional customer service, and lasting results. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about how we can enhance your truck with our professional tinting services.

Truck Window Tinting Near Me

Searching for "truck window tinting near me" in Roseville leads you to A+ Window Tinting, your local specialist in high-quality truck window tint services. Conveniently located to serve the Roseville area, we are just a short drive away, offering accessibility and timely service for all truck owners seeking professional tinting solutions. Our proximity ensures that you can easily access our services and enjoy the benefits of expertly applied window tinting without long travel times or delays.

Top-Rated Truck Window Tinting in Roseville

A+ Window Tinting stands out as the top-rated provider of truck window tinting services in Roseville. Our reputation is built on a foundation of quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and reliable service. With numerous positive reviews and high ratings from satisfied customers, we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the Roseville tinting industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each truck leaves our shop with a flawless tint application that meets our high standards and exceeds customer expectations.

Truck Window Tinting Experts Near Roseville

As the leading truck window tinting experts near Roseville, A+ Window Tinting offers unparalleled expertise and experience in the field. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest tinting techniques and technologies, ensuring that your truck receives the best care and service available. We are dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends and continuously improving our skills to provide top-tier tinting solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients in and around Roseville.

Local Truck Window Tint Shop

A+ Window Tinting is your trusted local truck window tint shop in Roseville, providing personalized service with a community-focused approach. We understand the importance of maintaining strong local ties and offering services that reflect the needs and preferences of Roseville truck owners. As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to contributing to the community’s economy and building lasting relationships with our clients through exceptional service and reliable results.

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Ready to elevate your truck with the best window tinting services in Roseville? Contact A+ Window Tinting today! Our expert team is on hand to provide you with a personalized consultation, helping you choose the perfect tint solution that meets your needs and preferences. Don't settle for less; ensure your truck benefits from the superior protection, enhanced comfort, and sleek appearance that our professional tinting services offer. Schedule your appointment and transform your truck with Roseville's top-rated window tinting service. Experience the A+ difference today and drive with pride, knowing your truck is tinted to perfection!

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