Why Tint Car Windows?

If you're curious about car window tinting in Roseville and you're wondering "why tint car windows?" we'd be glad to explain!

There are several reasons to tint your car windows. The first is safety. Tinting your car windows makes it harder for passers-by to look inside or see anything of value. Tinting your car windows doesn't affect the interior of your windows, so your visibility will still be just as good as it has always been, if not better!

Reduce Glare from the Sun and Improve Visibility

Why? Because auto window tinting also helps reduce glare from the sun, as well as UV rays, so you don't have to worry about poorer visibility with the sun's harmful rays. But although safety and protection are paramount for you as well as the passengers in your vehicle, there are several other reasons to consider car window tinting in Roseville.

Stay Cool Even in the Heat of the Day!

Auto window tinting also helps reflect heat from the sun, so your car will stay noticeably cooler in the summer, as well as on hot, sunny days. You'll use your air conditioner less and in return, help minimize wear and tear on your vehicle. It's a win-win for you and your car!

Make a Great First Impression!

Beyond its protective benefits as well as its safety features, car window tinting in Roseville also has cosmetic benefits. Let's face it, cars with tinted windows just look cooler, and at A+ Window Tinting, we specialize in aftermarket window tinting for your vehicle. We also offer metallicized window tinting to give your car a unique look beyond the standard black tinted windows you're used to seeing.

What is Aftermarket Car Window Tinting?

There are two types of car window tinting: the tinting that the manufacturer does, which involves injecting dye into the window glass, and aftermarket car window tinting, which involves putting a precisely cut film on the car windows to block out light. This is the type of car window detailing that we offer. We have the machinery and the skill available to cut the film to a precise size to exactly fit your vehicle.

Plus, we rely on SunTek products, meaning that you never have to worry that your car tinting film will peel, crack, fade or otherwise look deteriorated or worn. It may seem cheaper to go with a "DIY car window tinting kit" or try to do it yourself, however unless you have years of skill applying and cutting car window tint film, you can apply these DIY car tint window decals in a way that causes creases and bubbles, and who wants something that looks unattractive like that?

Don't risk the aesthetic of your car to cheap imitations. Go with the professionals at A+ Window Tinting in Roseville and discover the difference that superior service can make toward creating a look for your car that's protective, safe and eye-catching. Call us today to learn more or to set a convenient appointment for your new car window tinting!

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